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The MSA are keen to alert those with a competition vehicle to the impact of Vnuk, a 2014 European Court judgement that threatens the future of all UK motorsport. This has been the subject of a Newsletter earlier this year.

The Court ruled that the requirement for compulsory insurance should cover any use of a vehicle, so long as that use is consistent with the normal function of the vehicle. This would require all competition cars in motorsport to have compulsory third party insurance.

In responding to the Vnuk issue, the MSA has been working with a wide range of groups including the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), and we are now calling on the motorsport community to respond to a European Commission consultation by 20 October. To view the MIA’s call to action, which the MSA fully supports, please click here.

The MSA has previously responded to a Department for Transport consultation on Vnuk. To view the MSA’s response to that consultation, click here.


Pub-meet (1)

Past tulip runs are listed below:

Farley Mount to Vernhams Dean. Farley Mount to Vernhams Dean

Kingsworthy (The King Charles) to Tytherley. MGOC-Winchester-The Black Horse-Tytherly-route

Kingsworthy (The King Charles) to Tytherley 2. MGOC-Winchester-The Black Horse-Tytherly-route 2

Rownhams Services (M27) to Chute. MGOC-Rownhams services to Chute

Kingsworthy (The King Charles) to Elsted.MGOC-Winchester-Elsted route


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